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Second Chance

by Mary Ann Zimmerman

Let me begin with a story. A man, I’ll call him Joe, received a parking ticket. He came before the judge and explained he had parked in front of the building to go inside to eat. He fell asleep after many hours of working his landscape business. The judge was very understanding and waived the ticket. Joe was incredibly grateful. He asked the judge if he could say something. The judge motioned yes and removed his classes to listen. Joe told him he had come before him 15 years ago on a drug charge. At that time, the judge told Joe, “you can continue on a wrong path or make something of yourself.” Those words took root and Joe started his landscape business a year later. Joe thanked the judge for his advice. By this time, the judge was wiping away tears as were others in the courtroom.

We never know how our words will help encourage or discourage someone. Jesus encourages us every day. The Bible tells over and over again that Jesus loves us and said, “I will be with you always.” He never leaves us. He is merciful and compassionate and gives a ‘second chance’ every day of life to be the best-version-of-ourselves.” His plans are always better than ours.

Today begins the Triduum – the Three days leading to Easter. In these last days of Lent ask yourself, “Were you there when they crucified our Lord?” Remember the words from Ash Wednesday, “Repent and return to the Gospel.” Jesus loves us so much that he suffered the most horrendous form of punishment for you and me for our salvation.

May this Holy Week meditation bring you closer to Jesus.

May Jesus bless you and your loved ones with his peace. Happy and Blessed Easter!

Pray Hope and Don’t Worry. Padré Pio

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