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Sacramentals - What's that?

By Mary Ann Zimmerman

Sacramentals, as defined by the Church, are any object or action which the Church places within the reach of a person to receive certain spiritual favors from God. Examples are Holy Water, making the Sign of the Cross, Rosary, Crucifix and blessed candles to name a few.

If every Christian would stand up for what is right according to the Ten Commandments and the inspired Word of God, we can change our country and the world. Today we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil. The evil one is especially focusing on the family. Tempting spouses to be unfaithful, children to be rebellious, financial debt due to over-spending on the biggest TV or the latest cell phone are some ways to upset the family unit.

In my home, you will see a Holy Water font at the door. Before I leave, I bless myself asking for God’s protection. I have a wall of Crucifixes representing different family members that have passed. Framed picture of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary is on the wall in my dining room. Surrounding my home with Sacramentals, I feel, bring blessings to me and peace to my home.

Before sending your children off to school, bless them with Holy Water placing the Sign of the Cross on their forehead. Spouses can bless each other. It takes just a few seconds to pray asking God to protect each other during the day.

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Pray, Hope and Don't Worry - Padré Pio

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