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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

by Mary Ann Zimmerman

I recently watched Fr. Chris Alar, MIC on the “Living Divine Mercy” tv show on EWTN. He explained in detail what spiritual warfare is and when it started. God created angels before he created man. God revealed his plan to create man and that his Son would have a human mother. This caused Satan to be insulted. The reason being that man would be on a higher level than angels. Satan said he would not worship God in the form of a lowly creature (man). Battle broke out in heaven, but Satan and his followers were defeated by St. Michael the Archangel and one-third of the angels were banned from heaven.

Satan’s goal is to subvert mankind. He lies to convince us he doesn’t exist and there is no hell. He uses our human weaknesses to cause us to sin. Mortal sin is the turning away from God on a serious level. Sacrament of Reconciliation is necessary and as soon as possible. Venial sin offends God and, if not corrected, can lead us to even more sins. Unforgiveness, jealousy, using the name of the Lord in vain can really mess up our relationship with God. My mom always said, “Let go and Let God”. Meaning God is the judge so turn your problems over to him.

Fr. Alar says there are four levels of demonic activity: infestation of physical objects, oppression – attacks on the exterior life of an individual and even physical attacks (St. Pio for example), obsession – attacks on the interior life; possession – the most dangerous but rare.

God in his mercy gave us weapons to defeat the evil one. Prayer – we need to be committed to spending time with the Lord, Mass is the most powerful prayer, Eucharistic Adoration – praying before the Blessed Sacrament, fasting – the power of our prayer is increased, studying Scripture (Jesus quoted scripture when Satan tried to tempt him in the desert), and the Seven Sacraments. Sanctification of Marriage by being married in the Catholic Church. Satan wants to destroy marriages and families. Then we have sacramentals: praying the Rosary, having a Crucifix (every home should have one hanging in plain sight), holy water, Miraculous Medal and so on. (Refer to previous blog on sacramentals.)

Praying the Rosary as a family gives Satan a nervous break-down! He hates when we pray the rosary. He hates when we spend time in prayer especially before the Blessed Sacrament. Satan is afraid of Mother Mary. Our Mother Mary gave us the rosary as a spiritual weapon against Satan.

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Pray Hope and Don't Worry - Padré Pio

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