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by Mary Ann Zimmerman

The Christmas season is over and back in Ordinary Time in our Liturgical calendar. Before we know it, March 2nd (Ash Wednesday) will be here to start the Lenten Season. In the meantime, have you set your New Year's Resolutions? Me neither, because we never stick to them. Right?

Let's look at it from a different perspective. We could say, "starting new habits." Ways to improve our health, work schedules and most importantly, spiritual habits. Maybe we could make an effort to read scripture daily. Our parish bulletin lists the daily scriptures readings every week. Just fifteen minutes a day may lead to 30 and 30 may lead to 60 minutes a day. I know what you are thinking. At first, I thought the same thing many years ago. The list of chores were mounting, my kids were in school and had to get everything done before they came home. I tested the theory. Surprise! I prayed for that 60 minutes and still completed all my chores before the kids arrived. Reading scripture is prayer. It nourishes our souls and brings us hope and peace. Our gift shop has a booklet, "The Daily Mass Readings 2022, a Simple Reference Guide for Liturgical Year C.

Dividing the time is one way. Fifteen minutes in the morning, 15 at lunch time, 15 while dinner is preparing and 15 minutes before bedtime. Start. Yes just start! Maybe just 15 seconds to whisper the name of Jesus. Quoting Matthew Kelly from Dynamic Catholic, pray for a "better-version-of-yourself" today according to God's Will.

May God's grace enrich your faith journey one day at a time to share the 'Good News' with others. Peace be with you always.

Pray, Hope and Don't Worry by Padré Pio

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