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By Mary Ann Zimmerman

We begin Advent, which means the Coming. It is the beginning of the new Church or Liturgical Year, Cycle C. These next four weeks is a time for penance and sacrifice. The pagans celebrated the worship of their god, the Sun. The Romans wanted to do away with the pagan worship and so it was changed to celebrate the coming of Kings.

Christians changed it again to celebrate the "Son" who is the true light of the world. During these next four weeks is a time for penance and sacrifice as we celebrate the commemoration of Christ's birth, especially in our hearts.

The Advent Wreath is set up to acknowledge God's plan of salvation. The ring has no beginning and no end to reflect God's love for us. Each of the candles represent Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. The first candle is lit this week and each day during the week to reflect that Jesus came to give us Hope that we will share in eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven. Read Isaiah 60:1-2.

Next week, we will reflect on the second candle, Love.

Our gift shop has “Living Advent” booklet in stock. A short reflection for each day during Advent. Purchase online or in the gift shop.


We are open on the following days:

Thursday mornings 9:30-Noon

Saturday following the 4 pm Mass

Sunday 8:30 am to 1 pm

Pray Hope and Don't Worry - Padré Pio

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